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Deutz Diesel FAQS

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1, Deutz diesel engine difficult to start
(1) no oil or fuel tank switch box is not open;
(2) fuel line or filter clogging;
(3) fuel system in the air;
(4) does not pump oil or oil at the wrong time;
(5) injector fuel injection or spray is not bad;
(6) the temperature is too low, Deutz diesel engine cooling;
(7) lack of cylinder compression pressure;
(8) starter does not rotate or faint;
(9) air filter or clogged intake manifold.

2, Deutz diesel power shortage
(1) lack of cylinder compression pressure;
(2) poor quality of diesel fuel or oil in water;
(3) air filter clogging;
(4) muffler clogged;
(5) fuel system piping, the air inside the device;
(6) with the gas phase error;
(7) injection timing right;
(8) injector fuel injection pressure is insufficient, poor atomization;
(9) of the cylinder fuel supply uneven;
(10) speed does not reach the rated speed;

3, cylinder compression pressure less than
(1) The valve clearance is too small or not;
(2) valve and valve seat coke, wear, sealing bad;
(3) piston ring wear, less elastic;
(4) piston rings are stuck coke cement;
(5) The cylinder and piston wear, the gap is too large;
(6) cylinder head gasket Mifengbuyan;
(7) injector hole leak;
(8) valve spring break;
(9) valve stuck with the bite valve guides;

4, Why cylinder bed break?
Produce cylinder break mainly due to:
(1) the poor quality of the inner cylinder bed itself;
(2) oil pressure is too high;
(3) does not meet the requirements of the cylinder head bolt tightening torque;
(4) When installing the cylinder head, cylinder head bolt tightening methods without the required method;
(5) cylinder head uses a longer time for the next plane deformation; ()
(6) plane and the cylinder head on another body under the surface there are glitches, bosses and grooves will also have red cylinder bed;
(7) cylinder liners pressed into the body, the shoulder above the upper surface of the body size of ultra-poor, in the same body height difference on the ultra-poor.

5, Why the valve will leak?
After the leak valve, the cylinder will happen we we twitter twitter voice, leading to power down. Causes are:
(1) valve and valve seat sealing surface wear and tear, burn or produce pockets;
(2) improper valve clearance adjustment;
(3) bad or low pressure spray nozzle which produces valves and valve seat seal off an area of ​​charcoal too lax;
(4) bending the valve stem or valve rod and the catheter with the Department of tight, running up and down the resistance,
(5) valve spring break or stretch weakened, unable to close the valve tightly.

6, Why piston-valve collision?
Impact piston valve engine is a crash will happen, if not promptly removed, would top the bad piston, a major accident. Produce this failure is mainly due to:
(1) the depth of the hollow valve does not meet the technical requirements;
(2) main bearing nut loose;
(3) pillow melting alloy connecting rod or off;
(4) camshaft gear plate bolts loose, ran camshaft gear, resulting in loss adjusting valve timing;
(5) live Saixiao punished with rod bush wear, with the gap is too large,
(6) improper valve clearance;
(7) when the gear is marked wrong or fails to sign the assembly, the valve timing is incorrect;
(8) valve spring break;
(9) the depth of the hollow valve (valve cylinder head lower than the big end flat plane size) ultra-poor.

7, Why valve breakage?
Valve after decapitation, the head will fall into the cylinder valve cylinder head and piston head causing bad, if not stop in time causing a serious rod, crankshaft and other deformation and damage.
Valve breakage of many factors, in addition to the valve itself, the material and heat treatment problems, there are the following reasons:
(1) valve clearance does not;
(2) when the gear is marked wrong or fails to sign the assembly, the valve timing is incorrect;
(3) the exhaust temperature is too high;
(4) valve spring break;
(5) gas door clip is not installed install one or less;
(6) camshaft gear plate bolts loose, resulting in camshaft gear ran with the gas phase imbalance;
(7) Deutz diesel engine speed is too high "speed", the impact of increased load valve, causing the valve to break;
(8) gas door clip removable confusion, not supporting each other, could easily lead to valve off.

8, Why the cylinder head cracks?
Cylinder head cracks, the cooling water will enter the cylinder, engine work, exhaust from the exhaust pipe. Produced a major factor in the cylinder head cracks are generally caused due Enthusiasm. The reasons are:
(1) oil at the wrong time, bad nozzle atomization, combustion deterioration;
(2) winter cracking cooling water is not exhausted;
(3) water tank or the engine produces heat without water after a sudden shock of cold water plus crack;
(4) high-pressure fuel supply pump of the cylinder uneven, and some oil tank is too big, will produce cylinder head cracks.
(5) cylinder head casting bottom hole deviation of waterways, water-hole sand is dirty, narrow waterways or around the corner is too small, poor cooling water cycle;
(6) as modified unreasonable ancillary products, resulting in high temperatures can also cause cylinder head cracking.

9, Why cylinder decapitation?
(1) Cylinder kit in quality does not meet the technical requirements, such as low hardness, high sulfur content;
(2) cylinder head bolt tightening torque not meet requirements or cylinder end assembly cylinder just below the mouth plane, so the piston in the cylinder are floating up and down movement, thus making a liner fracture;
(3) installation of cylinder, the cylinder spigot with coke, iron and other debris;
(4) cylinder bore deformation by using a longer time, up and down the different heart;
(5) cylinder block installation screw holes around the edge of a cylinder liner cracks, so that the engine working at high temperature due to thermal expansion in the cylinder head crushed and leaving uneven fracture;
(6) assembly of cylinder liner when the painting will also break;
(7) cylinder sets of shoulders flat on the plane much higher than the body;
(8) cylinder shoulder grooving should be rounded, if the processing is not too rounded, or rounded, causing stress concentration likely to cause the cylinder sleeve from shoulder at fault;
(9) use of poor quality cylinder bed, can also cause liner fracture;
(10) cylinder sets of the body is not processing level, only the mouth is not chamfered.

10, Why Deutz diesel engine black smoke?
After using a longer time, Deutz diesel smoke phenomena occur and affect the environment, causing air pollution, and skill also decreased significantly. The main reasons are:
(1) engine for a long time of work overload;
(2) injector pressure is insufficient or poor atomization produces incomplete combustion;
(3) supply point of view too late to exhaust the combustion;
(4) the amount of high-pressure pump too much oil or oil tank uniformity;
(5) air filter and air intake inlet block is not smooth;
(6) The use of heavy diesel oil or diesel fuel quality is poor;
(7) loose valve seal leakage dense wind;
(8) camshaft wear and tear on the cam is too large;
(9) fuel injection pump advance device failure;
(10) exhaust manifold or muffler clogged and blocked, accompanied by abnormal engine noise.

11, Why Deutz diesel engine take the blue smoke?
Take the blue smoke mainly caused due to burning oil. The reasons are:
(1) severe piston and cylinder liner wear, with the gap is too large, the oil into the cylinder combustion;
(2) improper assembly of piston rings produced counterparts;
(3) the valve stem and valve guides of serious wear and tear;
(4) piston ring oil ring damage or death due to carbon deposition more cards, lost oil scraping function;
(5) add too much oil and so on.

12,Why Deutz diesel engine oil tank?
Within the oil tank caused the main factors are:
(1) Deutz diesel engine cylinder head oil passages inside the front cover with aluminum choking, choking aluminum sub-assembly requirements or missing equipment, run the oil into the waterway;
(2) body oil path on the cylinder head and waterways connected with trachoma, body oil path hole on the copper cylinder head is not loose rivet die;
(3) cylinder head oil passages and waterways wall with trachoma, shrinkage or cracks;
(4) covered with blisters oil cooler, oil cooler core crack, engine oil cooler assembly "O"-ring assembly is not good, "O"-type aging less elastic rubber ring, oil cooler core "O"-ring deep groove caused by ultra-poor "O" ring seal pressure is not enough.

13, Why sump water?
Sump oil into the cooling water generated after deterioration, causing the oil pan of water inside the main reasons are:
(1) cylinder ruptured water blocking ring pillow melting or aging;
(2) leaking cylinder head cracks trachoma;
(3) Wet sand cylinder is broken or shrinkage holes
(4) Wet cylinder liner breakage;
(5) the body cavity with shrinkage cracks, or blisters and other casting defects;
(6) oil cooler quality problems, Deutz diesel engine does not work, water flows into the oil pan.

14, Why bearing pillow melting?
After bearing pillow melting damage to the crankshaft, connecting rod deformation, if not stop in time, can cause serious rod screw off, break the body. Produce Burnt reasons:
(1) within the oil sump or oil fuel oil not less than smooth, so that poor lubrication;
(2) oil pressure is too low;
(3) the process of using dirty oil, oil in water, into diesel, oil aging, oil the wrong type;
(4) Oil seal pipe joints and Deutz diesel engine lubricating oil components external configuration leakage;
(5) oil filter clogging, engine oil cooler blockage;
(6) oil filter welding is not firmly set off;
(7) oil suction pipe rupture, the oil suction pipe nut loose;
(8) oil pump inner rotor broken shaft fracture, will result in burned;
(9) journal bearing assembly and the gap is too big or too small, so that lubricating oil can not be in a certain film;
(10) Journal of elliptical exceeds certain requirements, also makes the oil can not form a film;
(11) with tiles bearing alloy casting is not solid, high-speed movement off;
(12) Main bearing nut and screw tightening torque rod does not reach the required torque;
(13) body and crankshaft assembly cleanliness not meet the technical requirements;
(14) crankshaft oil passages inclined hole and the hole drilled through the body;
(15) Deutz diesel engine is still not sufficient just for starter oil lubrication, let Deutz diesel engine at high speed;
(16) 4110 piston cooling nozzle off or fall off.

15, Why Deutz diesel engine not to mention the high speed, the car run faster?
(1) high-pressure pump throttle lever position is less than the maximum amount of the largest oil, Deutz diesel engine idling less than the maximum calibration value, low speed;
(2) the fuel piping system with air;
(3) fuel line or clogged fuel filter, fuel pump filter blocked a small, fuel supply is inadequate;
(4) air filter clogging intake is inadequate;
(5) killed more injector coking;
(6) Early high-pressure plunger pump wear.

16, Why Deutz diesel engine will increase fuel consumption and fuel?
(1) piston rings stuck in the piston slot, sintering phenomenon, oil coke loop hole is blocked;
(2) piston rings less elastic;
(3) piston rings, piston and cylinder liner wear and tear, or there is a serious phenomenon of the cylinder, the combustion of oil into the combustion chamber string;
(4) improper assembly of piston rings, producing counterparts, the second anti-loaded gas ring; oil ring does not open location;
(5) add too much oil, oil splash too much, some burned into the combustion chamber;
(6) cork pad sump oil discharge screw damage or leakage, resulting in increased oil consumption;
(7) Bottom loss of circular cylinder liner;
(8) cylinder set into the bottom outlet of the body lost a round cylinder;
(9) valve seal failure;
(10) loss of cylinder head valve guide hole round;
(11) with the gap between piston and cylinder is too large;
(12) valve guides and valve rod gap between large, lubricated with oil gas sector into the combustion chamber;
(13) transition Valve lubrication, oil from the valve rod and valve guides into the combustion chamber between the gap.

17, Why Deutz diesel engines in use will be broken crankshaft?
Crankshaft in the normal use, generally does not produce off-axis, because the crankshaft has been designed to ensure adequate strength, and to balance the rigorous testing and inspection measures. Resulting in crankshaft fracture reasons:
(1) crankshaft subcutaneous trachoma, loose;
(2) crank on the physical properties, chemical properties, microstructure does not meet the requirements;
(3) engine for a long time of work overload due to fatigue fracture transition to the crankshaft;
(4) main bearing lock nut is loose or not locking piece;
(5) Oil is dirty, poor lubrication, resulting in melting tile axle fracture;
(6) increased crankshaft grinding with tiles, due to the destruction of the journal R angle, ground into a right angle, causing the crankshaft to reduce fracture strength to bear;
(7) main bearing cap fracture due to material or processing reasons;
(8) Deutz diesel engine power output of the device without using the clutch, the crankshaft by the crankshaft centerline perpendicular to the direction of the force, the crankshaft back fatigue fracture.

18, Deutz diesel engine water temperature is too high
(1) water pump fan belt is too loose, pump less water;
(2) Deutz diesel engine overload of work too long;
(3) lack of cooling water;
(4) water pump pumps water shortages, inadequate water circulation;
(5) damage to pump impeller, water pump impeller and pump shaft loose, water pump pulley rolling key, water pump bearings killed;
(6), plug the cooling system, cooling water flow, poor;
(7) failure of the thermostat;
(8) temperature sensor plug failure or response insensitive;
(9), poor lubrication, engine oil temperature is high;
(10) Fan rotation direction of the anti-loaded;
(11) the gap between water tank heat sink effect by dirt clogging the ventilation;
(12) cooling water tank size, supporting unreasonable;
(13) car or unreasonable conversion of agricultural machinery, windward side of the tank was stopped too;
(14) water tank is no wind guide cover;
(15) Deutz diesel engine for stationary power use, poor ventilation, ambient temperature is too high, or should be accompanied by open-loop water cooling without the use of.

19, oil pressure is too low
(1) sump oil shortage;
(2) the failure of oil pressure alarm or reaction insensitive;
(3) oil pressure gauge and oil pressure sensor plug was not complete;
(4) oil oil duct blockage;
(5) oil pump oil filter clogging;
(6), plug the oil filter, valve failure;
(7) Deutz diesel engine main bearing connecting rod bearing wear, the gap increases;
(8) Deutz diesel engine overheating, high oil temperature, oil-thinning;
(9) oil pump gear and the gap between the shell or the backlash is too large;
(10) have trachoma pump oil pump, oil shrinkage;
(11) using the right grade of oil;
(12) 495 machine is not installed or damaged gasket, oil leakage from the gap;
(13) 495 big nut loose suction machine oil;
(14) oblique hole crankshaft, main bearing oil hole drilled through the body or trachoma;
(15) oil filter on the oil return valve opening pressure is too low, resulting in premature engine oil back to oil, affecting the entire lubrication system, oil pressure;
(16) oil filter, oil pump pressure limiting valve wear, spring less elastic, deformation, broken, loose valve seat with the other;.
(17) oil pump driving shaft and oil pump drive gear with the loose;
(18) oil pressure alarm oil duct blockage, resulting in inaccurate measurements.

20, Deutz diesel engine with percussion
(1) crude oil, the cylinder with crisp percussion;
(2) slow burning, exhaust pipe "shooting";
(3) piston and cylinder gap increases, the issue of dumb dumb, percussion and sometimes sound like a shovel hit;
(4) with the main crankshaft bearing clearance increases, the issue of periodic heavy crash;
(5) The crankshaft connecting rod journal and bearing clearance increases, issued a blunt dumb crash;
(6) piston pin and connecting rod bushing clearance is too large, issued a "Dangdang" sound, voice strong and sharp;
(7) The valve clearance is too large, issued a "Dada" sound;
(8) valve and the piston top hit and issued by the crisp sound of the crash.

20, Deutz diesel engine running Why did he suddenly stop?
Deutz diesel engine running in a sudden stop causing the following conditions:
(1) of diesel fuel inside the exhaust;
(2) oil pipeline in the air and water;
(3) air filter block;
(4) diesel fuel filter clogging, screw into the oil pump as the fuel filter is dirty small block, can not enter the high-pressure fuel pump;
(5) high-pressure pump rack stuck;
(6) piston and piston rings stuck in the cylinder, crankshaft hold tile, broken crankshaft, connecting rod screw breakage break the body, causing the engine to stop suddenly.

21,Why connecting rod bolt breakage break the body?
Side rod bolts in all the processing is completed, one by one magnetic detection test, the chemical composition, mechanical properties also have strict control. Broken rod bolt while the reasons are:
(1) connecting rod bolts are not tightened during assembly to the required operating torque of 4102 machine tightening torque 100-120N.m, connecting rod bolts loose in the process of long-term use, not timely fastening;
(2) pillow melting for some reason, connecting rod, connecting rod and connecting rod journals increase the gap between the impact force and break;
(3) connecting rod locking plate is damaged or not securely locked;
(4) and connecting rod bolts threaded rod body bruised or dirty, in the rotating rod bolt torque when although I think the larger, in fact, did not achieve the required torque value, resulting in false kg value, so that connecting rod body and even tile covered bar between the gap caused due to be pulled off in the operation;
(5) connecting rod bolts too tightly, tightening torque exceeds calibration range, so that the force on connecting rod bolt bolt over the elastic limit.

22, rocker arm shaft Why oil is too small or no oil?
Rocker shaft without lubricant reasons:
(1) oil pump does not work or bad, no oil pressure or oil pressure is low;
(2) rocker seat hole is not working;
(3) arm hole due to iron seat, clogged oil up the mountain;
(4) repair and maintenance due to assembly errors will be reversed position rocker seat assembly, oil hole blocked;
(5) camshaft bush ran before, the offset hole location;
(6) camshaft position offset on the pump tank or pump tank width, depth, length is not enough;
(7) hole of the rocker seat bolts are not tightened, the oil leak from the rocker seat bottom;
(8) when the rocker shaft assembly hole aligned with the rocker seat or rocker shaft hole is not only tighten the screw loosening, change can not be aligned hole.

23, Why broken rocker shaft?
Rocker shaft fracture of reasons:
(1) rocker seat compression nut loose, tighten the order wrong;
(2) rocker shaft poor lubrication, killed;
(2) seat installed in the maintenance arm of anti-cylinder head oil passages within the oil up the mountain;
(3) rocker shaft oil hole drilled in the drilling of unilateral strength is not enough;
(4) rocker shaft hole at the edge of a crack when the heat treatment.

24, Why broken rocker seat?
Block Rocker is supported by rocker shaft, rocker arms and decompression valve axis of the stent, resulting in broken arm due to a block:
(1) Block the compression nut of the fastening arm strength is not enough;
(2) four rocker block has three different structures, so the assembly can not be reversed to each other, the first (the one near the pump), a small hole at the bottom rocker arm, cylinder head gasket is the road leading to the rocker shaft oil hole the only way, if you installed the wrong oil will result in broken, which led to the rocker shaft and the valve seat rocker rocker killed and resulting fracture;
(3) When the first rocker seat not only tighten the screw axis refers to the gap in the inner rocker or rocker shaft end Shaft Collar missing equipment, causing the rocker shaft rotation or the string action, can also cause rocker Block fracture;
(4) If the valve clearance is too small or not, this rocker seat by the additional impact, leaving the seat pan fracture

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